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Pelican hotel is located at the central square of Fira, the capital of the island. 

You may have some useful information on Fira town below:

Fira, with 2113 inhabitants (2001), is the capital of Santorini. It has been built on the precipice, on the rim of the caldera some 260 meters above the sea level. The volcano lies exactly opposite, still emitting puffs of steam.

The town dates from 1810, when the inhabitants of Skaros – longer terrified by the pirate threat – began to abandon the castle and establish themselves in this lower flatter area, with access to the sea. Fira is a long, narrow collection of buildings with steep, narrow, stepped alleyways. The houses on the caldera side are dug-out dwellings, constructed on different levels, one above the other, so that the roof of one forms the courtyard of the next.

You can reach the town by car, bus or taxi from the new port, Athinios and the airport. It can also be reached from the Old Port, the spot usually chosen by the cruise ships and the traditional wooden boats. There are approximately 600 steps from the Old Port to Fira and it will take you 20 minutes to walk down. Or you can just take the cable car (funicular) or have a traditional donkey ride!

The spectacular architecture of its dazzling white houses, that seem to cling to the dark sides of the caldera, and the incomparable view of the volcano make Fira one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Among its best preserved districts is Kato Fira; the churches of Agios Minas and Christos are located there. Both masterpieces of ecclesiastical architecture, the former with its typical Santorinian dome, the latter with its exquisitely carved iconostasis and bishop's throne.

The Prehistoric Museum of Thera is a highlight! Here you can see many findings of the Akrotiri excavations along with the famous frescoes.

Apart from the sights it has to offer, Fira is the centre of life on Santorini. There are numerous, restaurants, bars, cafes, and discos as well as shops selling folk arts and crafts – pottery and hand-woven fabrics – and pricey jewelry.

All the above just a few steps from Pelican hotel!


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